How about the future of the Libretto theme?

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    Since a few months, the appearance of the Libretto theme has changed.
    What I liked about this theme was the overflow of images over the border. As you can see here: the picture beneath the title “The food of love” flows over the border. The same goes for images you use in the text if you define the text-allign-property right or left. You can see an example of this here on my blog.

    What I see now in my blog, is that the title-picture does not have this overflow anymore, and if one uses the new WP-editor, the overflow of the images is not possible anymore.
    For now I will stick to the old editor, so I can still have this in-text images like I want. I have to live with the smaller title-picture though, because I cannot change that.

    I had a chat with a support-guy, and he said I should contact the author about this theme. Now I see that the author is Automattic, the publisher of WP. I don’t know if mr or mrs Automattic is here on the forum. But if you are: what about the future of this theme? Will it be changed so that the original appearance is coming back, even with the new editor?

    The blog I need help with is:

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