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    i like to have an area of “hottest posts” at the front page so that the viewers can get into them as soon as possible. by the way, could we summarize the pageview for each post from its birth? regards



    I doubt if there is an “easy” way to place hottest pots on your front page. With no access to the template files and no ability to add plugins it would take a bit of manual labor on your part.

    If you write a post with links to what you want classified as the hottest you can then bump it up to the top of your index page each day.

    Sorry, until, or unless everyone is granted the ability to add plugins (Something I doubt will ever happen) you will have to work a little to accomplish what you desire.


    Yes this issue of not being able to access template files is really limiting. I know it has been addressed elsewhere, but I just hope it will be one of the first major updates to



    It’s incredibly frustrating (no flexibility with headers/templates). Yes, I know I should have realized it before I started with wordpress. But, I’m a novice blogger and now that I’ve established the blog I’m kind of stuck. I love the look and ease of use, but the restrictions on header imagery and, frankly, ad usage (when other free blogs have them) has me on the verge of switching, which is something i really don’t want to do. Does anyone have an answer as to when these two issues will be upgraded?

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