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    Hi guys,
    I have an annoying problem: I cannot remove the posts from the bottom of every single posts of my website which is:


    If you try to go to one of the posts at the bottom of the page there are 4 other posts related to the page.
    For example at the bottom of this page:


    I have been already to: >Dashboard >Setting >Reading
    in order to check if there was anything in relation to “Related Post” and I didn’t find anything.

    Could anyone help me to solve this problem please?


    Hi there, the site you reference is using WordPress, but is not hosted here at WordPress.com and is instead a self-hosted installation of the software from WordPress.org using the Slider Responsive Theme. I would suggest contacting the theme designer, or possibly posting in the WordPress.org Themes and Templates forum.

    I did take a quick peek at your site, and you might try adding the following CSS.

    .home_post_box {
    display: none;

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