Home page auto expansion counts towards stats, even if by owner

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    I noticed today that the home page of my blog at http://ejrh.wordpress.com will “auto expand” if I scroll to the bottom, potentially showing every post ever. That’s quite cool.

    However I’ve also noticed that every expansions counts as another “visit” to the home page. Even those incurred while I’m logged in as the owner of the blog.

    Normal visits by logged-in owners aren’t supposed to count towards stats. This case seems a bit incongruous.
    Blog url: http://ejrh.wordpress.com/



    I’m not able to replicate this problem. To confirm, when you visit your site while logged in, your visit is being counted as a page hit when the blog’s home page expands?

    Are you able to provide a few more details of your own experience with this problem? If you’re able to take a screenshot of your stats page before and after, so to speak, that may help as well:

    Can you also let us know what internet browser you’re using?



    I was unable to replicate it today too. Yesterday I was able to watch my Home page visits climb up to 50, exactly when as I triggered a page expansion by scrolling to the bottom.

    The browser I’m using is Firefox 10.0 on Windows XP. This is behind a corporate firewall and proxy. I was using https url scheme.

    I suppose it is possible the login info was not being sent properly by the browser or proxy. Though whatever request is made for that expansion maybe shouldn’t be counted for stats anyway.

    It is a very minor bug and since it doesn’t seem to be easily reproducable I’m not going to worry about it. Thanks for investigating it.



    We fixed the problem not long after you replied.

    Sorry for the trouble!

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