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    I would like to be able to hide featured images from displaying at the top of my posts. I’m not able to not include them as the Recent Posts Slider I have uses featured images. So I have to have them even if I’d rather not.

    At the moment, I have a plugin installed which works sporadically with my version of WordPress, called Hide Featured Image. It hides the image when the actual post is selected but not from my homepage.

    I’m very new to coding and CSS and all that, so please be patient with me.

    The blog I need help with is considertheinverse.com.



    Hi @jmblitvan,

    Welcome to WordPress! :)

    Your site considertheinverse.com a WordPress.org site(using the WordPress Software and hosted on Hostgator), and is not a site hosted here on WordPress.com. You can learn more about the difference between the two platforms here:

    WordPress Com vs WordPress ORG

    Your best way to get help would be on the WordPress.org Support site:

    WordPress org Support

    Having said that, you can use Custom CSS plugin or you could also use the Jetpack Custom CSS editor and insert this CSS code:

    .entry-thumbnail {
        display: none;

    There can be a number of ways to resolve it. If still there is a problem, you could post the details along with the link, theme name in the ORG support forums, and someone from the community should be able to help you.

    Hope this helps, good luck with getting the issue resolved soon.

    Best Wishes!




    Oops! Thanks for pointing that out and giving me some good info to go off of.

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