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    I’ve been using “Hemingway Rewritten” and have been very pleased with it, but it seems at some point the way it displays links changed.

    If you go to my page (https://muddlingthroughtheuniverse.wordpress.com/) and scroll down to where it says BLOGROLL on the right, you can see that the links to other blogs are double spaced. (I’m using the Links widget.) They used to be single spaced.

    Is there any way I can get them back to being single spaced using the Links widget? I feel that it currently takes up too much space.

    I know I can manually cut and paste the URLs into a Text widget like I’m doing for “Favorite Posts,” but it’s just more of a hassle.

    The blog I need help with is muddlingthroughtheuniverse.wordpress.com.



    Hi there!

    I took a look at the changelogs for the Hemingway Rewritten theme and there haven’t been any recent changes to the links widget specifically. I will note that it behaves like any other widget that adds links to your sidebar – like Favorite Posts – each link will be styled with that separator that you have now.

    Without a paid upgrade that would allow you to add custom CSS to your site, you would need to recreate those lists in a text widget like you did for your Favorite Sites list.

    I hope that helps!

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