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    Hello everybody,

    I created a site address: https// few days ago and the objectiv is to insert some flipbooks realized by flipbuilder software included pictures, videos, texts…This software has a functionality to create a flipbook wordpress plug in and also html files to publish.

    I do that only for fun, to share with family and friends and more people if some subjects would have some interests for them. No aim to have commercial activities with that.

    Nevertheless I tried several solutions to copy and paste like a media or to use ftp transfer by the browser IE or Fizella. The first solution doesn’t work and supplied a security reason, the others denied the connection with my domain.

    So I fisrt ask the question on the wordpress french forum which advised me to post it here.

    tx a lot for your help


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Olivier,

    We only allow certain types of embeds on The only file types that can be embedded directly are images and PDFs (along with audio and video files on our paid plans), and non-PDF documents, like Word files, Powerpoints, Spreadsheets, etc, can be embedded via a third party service like Scribd or Google Docs.

    For HTML embeds we only support a limited number of whitelisted services, and you can find them all listed at

    Using plugins, FTP, or embedding non-whitelisted HTML embeds are only possible on our Business Plan.



    Dear kokkieh,

    Thanks for your answer. I’m afraid that it costs quite a lot to have a business plan, just for fun, you know. For the moment I’m mounting the site locally on my computer with wordpress software. I hope I will find a low cost or free site to transfer and publish it.





    Understandable, Olivier. Our service provides hosting, SSL, and management, as well as support with paid plans. If you use our service, you would need a business plan to add plugins for your flipbook.

    Or, you can buy hosting elsewhere, and set up your own free WordPress installation there. Just note many hosts do not offer WordPress management and support, or they charge extra for it. This is a good option if you want to handle the technical end of things yourself. You’ll still have access to the community here, too:

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