Help my subscribers UNsubscribe (they are reporting problems unsubscribing)

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    I have been using WordPress for years and highly recommend it to others when asked. I have over a dozen sites and have helped others set up theirs. I am OK with taking the time to do things for the site … but I am now stumped, mainly because WordPress will not let me unsubscribe people from my blog. I am repurposing my blog from one church group to another and need to have everyone who subscribed before to UNsubscribe now. This is important as it will be used for people in the group to communicate with each other and is preferred that those not in the group are not reading the posts. I advised people to use the MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS link at the bottom of an email notification … but many people let me know that it did not work for them. Next I tried sending a LINK to those still subscribed that was supposed to make it EASY to remove a blog from subscribing. However, now I am hearing reports that this is not working either. I have about ten days to get the subscribers cleared. Please advise how I can do this. The latest post on the site was my latest attempt on helping subscribers UNsubscribe. Website is mapped to Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    It looks like the instructions you have given to help people unsubscribe should be correct. If there is someone who is still unable to remove themselves as a subscriber from your blog, they can contact us directly to request our help in unsubscribing them.


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