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    When I edit my website in WordPress, my site goes to its correct home page when I preview it. But when I view the same URL on another device, it takes me to a “coming soon” page. Only and go to this “coming soon” page. I can get access to the rest of the site when I go directly to a different menu item such as When I look at the settings of my website, the “coming soon” page is inactive. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    UPDATE: The link is now working on my desktop and laptop, but on mobile devices, I’m still seeing the same issue.


    Hi meredithpshank, is a site hosted by Bluehost rather than There is some information about the differences between the two in this guide:

    We are only able to help with sites but support for self hosted sites is available on the support forums:

    I recommend posting there for help :)



    I’m having such problem too I can’t post to my menu pages, I have been trying to link my post content to my page but I am difficulty in doing that please I need your help ASAP



    @crestlead79, we cannot help you without knowing what site you need help with. Also please don’t post into old threads started by other users.

    If your site is on, please create a new thread here and tag it with “modlook” so we can help you:

    If you’re using the open source WordPress software with another hosting provider, please post here instead:

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