Hello, this is a feature request.

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    I would like Publicize to allow me to forward some posts to other WordPress blogs I own.

    Why that? I am a multi-poster using several multi-sites. How did that happen?

    Well years ago I started a blog (think about it with the music running: ‘I started a joke’, Bee Gees, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSxuvNGSrmc ) so I, started a blog, which was with Dotclear, but I did’nt like it, because the upgrades were messy.

    Then I started WordPress, which I have continued since many years. I did a second blog, to talk about other topics. Then, I started a new one, with different ideas. Now I’m using social networks, under two names (personal and under a nick I have been using since many years in the FOSS communities). I still have many ideas, which fit in different boxes….

    oh oh oh ! to make it simple to post, I’d like now to use one main WordPress blog, to rule them all! From this comes the idea, if Publicise could allow me to do that. I could write my posts on one main blog, tick a field in direction anyone one of my other blogs, just logging into one only account and post towards any of them, where it is already setup to the proper networks to republish. See, the idea, or not ? If not, I could show it on a mind map, so clear it is in my head! Thanks !

    (I know it might not be Google friendly for the SEO because of the duplicate content, but I don’t care, because I write for people and not for Google! I don’t comply to his law : too bad for them! ;-) )

    What do you think? Is that an idea for a feature which you could think about ?

    and the one on wordpress.com also, meylodie.wordpress.com.

    Best regards,

    The blog I need help with is meylodie.wordpress.com.

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