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    how to increase the size of the header logo?

    The blog I need help with is picshootercreations.wordpress.com.


    Hi there,

    The logo size can be increased by adding the css below to the css panel in My Sites → Customize → CSS.

    Please note that adding custom css in only possible if you’ve upgraded to a Business or Premium plan.

    .site-logo-link img {
        max-height: 320px;
        max-width: 600px;

    The height and width values can be changed to suit your preference.



    Hey picshotercreations,

    What you are asking for, requires the use of CSS to modify its dimensions.

    I will tag your post regarding the same and a member or staff will guide you. You need to have access to the use of CSS though. If your Subscription plan is Premium and onwards, it has a functionality to use Advanced Design Customization.


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