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    My old header just disappeared one day and I don’t know why.
    I am trying to install a new header downloading my file from photoshop jpeg the image I want to use is 8″ wide by 4″ high it won’t appear in the header work page. What size in inches should it be and is there any simple way of posting it. I have been trying to work with WordPress for a long time, I find it very difficult and complicated. I wish it was as simple to use as Weebly. Please help me install my new header. Originallty someone else set up the website then disappeared so I have never had to work with the header. The image that I want to use I have already layered my name onto it will that work? I see on the header page it calls for text do I have to use it or can my image remain as is?

    The blog I need help with is joannecurrah.com.



    Hi Joanne. The default size of your header image is 920 by 180px (we use pixels on the web as different devices display things at different sizes so “real” units of measurement like centimetres and inches don’t work). If you resize your new image to those dimensions in photoshop, save it as a new JPEG and upload it as your header image it should work just fine, although it’s hard for me to test as you’re using an old theme that has since been retired.



    Thankyou I eventually got it. Still can;t move the images on the page though. Was hoping I didn’t have to delete and repost. ???

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