Header and all customisations gone!

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    I’ll just add myself to the list then! Same thing happening for me. My blog image is gone and can’t be changed and lots of my custom settings / fonts are gone too.



    I have the same problem. Good to see, I am not alone. I am using “The Twenty Eleven Theme”.


    Thank you Yoavf



    Same problem here. Everything went to hell about an hour ago on my site. Things were perfect 2 minutes before that. I use Chateau. This is ridiculous – does this happen much? (Two weeks only on WordPress. Now regretting that I didn’t opt for something else.)


    Whew! I guess it is true what they say… “Misery Loves Company”

    My site is http://TxCowboyDancer.com

    Not to belittle anyone’s pain at seeing their sites go all KA-bloowie! But..

    WHEW! At least it isn’t me…. I bet that since it appears to be a large scale problem that as soon as the fine folks who run Word Press figure out what’s happening that the problem will be fixed.

    A couple of bits of data that might help.

    Changing from one theme to another does not fix the problem. Making one change or several in the Appearance Settings does not make any difference. No settings are changed / saved.

    The areas affected on my site are:

    1. Background image
    2. Header Image
    3. the “display/do not display” checkbox for the Title and Subtitle of the site.
    4. The navigation menu

    The admin panel is working fine, but none of the settings under “Appearance” which controls the customizations can be saved.

    Hope this helps!


    Thank you Yoavf



    Hello i have lost my theme and the pages have changed http://www.magicandglitter.com can i have some help please


    Was convinced I’d clicked a wrong button! The thought of having to redo all my customisations manually was not what I wanted to wake up to on a Monday. Hope WP are able to revert things back to the way they were!



    Thank you, Yoavf.



    Same problem on the Twenty-Ten theme:

    and The Misty Lake Theme:

    and The Big Brother Theme:


    In reply to “thatmannathanpage” question: No, this does not happen very often — You made a good choice to put your blog with WordPress.

    In fact, in over six years of using WordPress, this is the first time something like this has ever happened.


    Thank you Yoavf



    finally, a response from the staff! thank you, yoavf!

    We can always put back our headers and background images, and sort out the menu items… Just please, fix it so we can change and save customisations again. (I hope there’d be no data loss for those who custom their CSS codes). Thanks!



    Wahoo ! It’s not just me!
    I’ve just joined and felt sure I must have done something wrong but maybe not…I’ll sit tight and hope it all comes back.



    Hi! BTW, do you have the book “Cowboy Dances.” It is an old book and I say this just in case you never heard of it.


    It’s pretty cool. I have a copy.



    Wow, 152 posts (and counting) in just one hour. I think this beats the new editor complaints thread.

    Someone please take over for me in redirecting people to this thread. I need my sleep.

    I’ve been using this as my base text:

    This seems to be a widespread issue at the moment. Please keep all discussion to the main thread:

    And before justjennifer accidentally got caught in the spam filter again, she was using this text:

    There appears to be a general problem right now as multiple people have reported this.

    Please keep all the discussion in this thread, which is marked for Staff. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/header-and-all-customisations-gone?replies=18#post-2433476

    Feel free to come up with your own.

    It’d be helpful to add that there has been a response from staff:


    Thank you



    Same thing happened to me – glad I’m not alone. Was a bit of a surprise to wake up to!



    LOL @longshotblues – “My Kingdom For A Picture!!!” LOL

    This almost kept me up all night. My website almost kept me up, I mean, not this thread, though it’s making me laugh now. I’d say my priorities are messed up with how pissed I initially was not too long ago, but I pay for a premium site since I use it for work. And Monday is kind of a big day. I was prepared to Matrix myself into WP and strangle some poor unsuspecting coder till they fixed this, but upon discovering I wasn’t the only one, I realized that was a bit of a rash reaction. We will all survive. Even if we have to update our sites manually. Would it suck hairy balls? Yes. So, WP, we really do appreciate you snapping some magic fingers and fixing this pronto. TIA.

    Off to bed I go. For real this time. Try and get some sleep WP users. :D



    Same problem here (www.histaminovakasulka.com) at Fresh&Clean theme. Let us know soon how to fix it….

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