Hair-raising new bugs in Coraline

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    First I posted my bug list at WordPress forum. There I was directed to Coraline forum to repeat my problems. These problems are the following:

    I saw it intimidatedly that this new version came up without proper tests… Let me enumerate some recent bugs.

    1. The absurdly frequent auto-save makes the job helplessly intermittent and unstable. The page several times freezes.

    2. You cannot CTRL+V an image subscription. The pasted value gets to another location of the post.

    3. When you scroll up during the editing work, the top disappears, contrary to the last good known versions. It makes the editing very slow, because, unfortunately, you have to switch to the editing mode too frequently.

    4. You are simply unable to handle an image. If once you had inserted it, you have the choice between indentation or subscription. You cannot focus on the image any more.

    5. In the last good known versions there was a direct access to the forum. Now, as it became very important, it disappeared. We have to google the location of the forum.

    There a certain automatic happiness engineer named Kathryn found resolved my bug list with the following:

    sunyiverzum – Coraline hasn’t been updated since June, and these sound like issues with the editor, and not the theme itself.

    As it looks like you’re running your site on, please post in their forums for assistance; these forums are for folks running the WordPress software on their own hosting.

    However, the bugs are recent. I guess somebody obviously inserted inadvertedly these bugs recently to some point of the system. Help me please at least in finding a fourth location to place my sour observations.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello @sunyiverzum

    Could you give me the address of the blog in question, so I can take a look and see what’s happening?

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