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    I am getting at least one new email almost daily letting me know that another person started following me. When I go to my site, there are no new followers. I have the same number as I have had for the last year. Why am I getting these emails from wordpress telling me I have new followers when I don’t.

    The blog I need help with is fromthecrosstothechristian.wordpress.com.



    Those so called @outlook.com followers are spammers. You don’t see them on your site, you only get an annoying e-mail. A solution is making a filter in your e-mailclient.


    Are you suggesting that I make a filter for all outlook.com addresses?


    Hi brothermike74,

    Thanks for reporting this, spam Outlook followers are a known issue. Our developers are investigating the source and are working to prevent more in the future. We are in the process of removing these spam followers so you may start to see them disappear from your email followers list.

    Followers do not have any special access to your site or account once they start following you, so these spam followers will not able to make changes without your knowledge.

    Are you suggesting that I make a filter for all outlook.com addresses?

    You could set up an email filter to automatically delete the email notifications about these followers. Another option would be to temporarily disabling email notifications of new followers — you’ll still see a notification in the WordPress.com admin bar, but there won’t be any emails.

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