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    When submitting my site to webmaster tools a get the error the my domain/site is redirected so not being listed to SERPS.

    Would can you do to prevent this for me.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    re: search engine discoverability

    It can take weeks for search engines to index your site content. Please read this support doc so you know we have no control over search engines positioning or appearance in the SERPs (search engine page results).

    To verify blog ownership of a hosted blog with the major search engines you must use this process >
    Note: Even if you do not verify the blog the content will be indexed by search engines so don’t feel panicky about this please. automatically supplies sitemaps for our blogs to search engines – we do nothing.

    To gain search engine attention, I recommend that you start publishing posts (not pages) frequently. That’s because it can take weeks for search engines to index content in a new blog and/or to re-index content under a new URL.

    For more information on expediting search engine indexing of your site read >




    A blog is a website. The difference between blog and website is simply structure and semantics.

    A blog is a post based website designed for interactive communication. As the posts are frequently updated and appear on the front page of the site it’s very attractive to search engines.

    What most people call a website is merely a page based site that functions as a one-way noticeboard. As the structure is page based and as pages are for static content that rarely changes, and as pages do not have RSS feeds, and as others do not backlink to pages, it is not as attractive to search engines as a post based blog structured site is.

    Any WordPress blog can be restructured from being post based to being page based – no upgrade required. However, doing that restructuring leads to the consequences I described above.



    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I do know the it can take months to appear in serps and I understand SEO techinques. However, when submitting a page via webmaster tools I get the message, “redirected”. So that means I dont get the option to submit to google. !!!

    Is this because I have the free package, meaning my domain name is not directly listed a record or DNS to my blog?

    I agree post/pages need updating more than I am but been at it for a while now.




    The issue is likely caused by the fact that you are domain forwarding and that will fail here as our blogs are not on permanent IP addresses. You need to purchase a domain mapping upgrade to map to an existing domain.

    All that changes when you are domain mapping is the URL and nothing else. The content stays exactly where it is. What domain mapping does its create a seamless transfer between the underlying blog URLs to the domain URLs no matter where they are on the internet. Visitors who click the underlying blog URLs will be seamlessly redirected to the exact same content under the domain URLs.

    Please read Domains: Important Notes Before Upgrading

    In order to map to a domain one must have an underlying sub-domain blog to map from, and the domain name you desire must be available for purchase, or you must already own the domain URL.

    See here for mapping an existing domain that you already own

    Your payment methods are here

    Your upgrade history will be here Dashboard > Store> My Upgrades

    Your billing history will be at Dashboard > Store > Billing History

    After you do the primary blog set up it can take between 24 – 72 hours for domain name propagation to take place throughout the internet. You can view the DNS changes here > What’s important during that stage is to be patient.

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