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    Can i install the google analytics code myself by editing the HTML if i’m using the premium plan instead of business plan?
    it’s for a nonprofit and we cannot afford the more costly plan right now…


    I’m afraid Google Analytics integration is a feature only available with the Business plan.


    Hi @itaiakn.

    There is no way to add the Google Analytics code to a site unless you are on the business plan. This is because uses a shared environment, and restricts use of certain html elements to protect the community as a whole. To set up analytics, Google gives you a code snippet surrounded by a <script> tag. Any <script> tag that you add in a post, page, or widget area on a site without a business plan will get stripped out before it publishes.

    There is more explanation and detail on which tags get removed and why on the Code support page:

    On a positive note, all sites have access to similar statistics, regardless of the plan they are on. Your Stats Insights page details including view and visitor counts, referrers, and search engine terms used to find your site.

    The support page for “Stats” details the information you can find on your stats screen using the plan you have right now. You may find that the info available to you there tells you what you need to know without using google analytics at all.

    Have a great day!

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