Google Ads / 3rd Party Ads on Business Plan?

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    On the plans page it clearly states
    “ Business

    The Business plan will help you power your business website with:

    All the features of the Premium plan
    200 GB storage
    The ability to use third party services, such as custom plugins, themes, codes, and ad networks like Google AdSense
    SEO tools
    Live chat support seven days a week
    Plugins Business sites are packed with awesome features, for SEO, social media and more. Sometimes though, you’ll want to use an external service that’s not built into our platform. For that, you can install plugins from the repository or upload custom plugins you’ve found elsewhere”

    But when I search the forums here moderators are adamant and saying no ads.
    However.. says,
    “ Advertising through third-party ad networks like Google AdSense, OpenX, Lijit, BuySellAds, and Vibrant Media, or selling advertising space on your site, is only permitted on sites that have the Business and eCommerce Plans. Sites on the Premium plan can use WordAds, Affiliate Linking, or Sponsored posts to generate advertising revenue, while the Personal and Free plans can use Affiliate Linking, or Sponsored posts.”
    And it links here.

    So my other question is: Is there a visitor limit for business & premium that allow the 3rd party ads?



    Also, if the ads are permitted on those plans, why are the moderators so adamant 3 rd party ads are not allowed?


    Hi there,

    Advertisements, including those from third-party advertising networks like Google AdSense, are only allowed to be used with the Business and eCommerce Plan:

    They are not allowed on any other plan. If you see moderators and staff mention 3rd party ads are not allowed, that was most likely before we introduced the Business Plan several years ago.

    Hope that helps.

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