GoDaddy vs WordPress for website

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    Firstly, I have domain name with GoDaddy and then WordPress for website development. I am thinking of using GoDaddy for hosting. Should i just do the mapping and not transfer domain to WordPress ?



    Hi @heanchuanfong ,

    Yup, that’s correct! If you are thinking of using GoDaddy for your hosting, then you just have to map your domain here, not transfer it. If you transfer your domain to WordPress, then WordPress will look after your renewals etc. from here on, not GoDaddy.

    Just in case you decide to transfer your domain here, the following page will help you understand what you need to do.
    Transferring a domain you already own to



    Hold on, because if you want to HOST at GoDaddy, you don’t pay anything to You don’t map the domain here at all. is a hosting company, like GoDaddy is. Choosing to host at GoDaddy means using the open source WordPress and not

    Here’s a comparison of the two:



    Oops! Thanks, @darciemg , for the clarification.

    @heanchuanfong , @darciemg is correct. If you are choosing GoDaddy to host your site, then you wouldn’t use services. Sorry about the confusion

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