Globally disable Onswipe on iPad

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    Is there away to disable seeing the Onswipe theme that’s served to iPads globally? Each time I view a different blog I have to scroll to the bottom and disable it.

    I can’t be the only person in the world who finds this iPad “optimised” theme completely unusable. I’d like to opt out of seeing it.



    Hi. Go to Appearance > iPad to disable the iPad theme for your blog.


    If you are talking about on blogs other than your own, no, if the blog owner has it activated then you will have to scroll to the bottom to turn it off.



    Hurray! I have been hating the iPad theme for a while, and it’s generated many complaints. Thanks for telling me how to disable it!!


    If you go to a site with the iPad theme active, there should be a link down near the bottom where you can switch to the standard theme and I believe that is remembered by wordrpress through the use of a cookie.



    Yes, but my readers would rather complain than switch ;p


    @buggirl, complaining seems to be the new national pastime. At some point it will eclipse professional and college sports.



    Hey, some us have already gone pro as complainers with our blogs ;p


    Personally, I think it’s kinda cool. I guess that is until this ‘feature’ becomes a bug. ;)



    I like it too. It’s easier to get an overall view of the blog in one hit; instead of scrolling and scrolling…
    Plus, it looks great for image rich blogs.

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