Getting Full-Width in "The Morning After"

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    Sorry if this is a really simple thing, but I just can’t seem to find it or figure it out! It says that there is a full-width option for this theme, but I’ve been clicking all over and can’t seem to find anything that works.

    Also, I read this help topic ( and get that you can’t get rid of the right-side sidebar when viewing posts. However, is there a way to at least modify that sidebar to show the things you want, like if I don’t want blogroll in it?

    Please help on these two points, thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, realized the blog didn’t show up! It’s



    One more thing! It seems like links get repeated three times in this theme, e.g. home, about, archives, etc. They’re at the top right, below the title and in the first sidebar under Pages. Is there any way to temper this so it only comes up in one section??



    Sorry for the fourth post in a row, not meaning to spam >_<

    But I got fed up with the theme for now, so I switched it to Inuit types. I’d still really like to know if I can work with The Morning After though, so all the issues are still relevant and viewable on the demo site:


    With the Morning After, you can set static pages to full-width by selecting “full width” from the page template pulldown in the attributes module. The main page, categories, tags and archives pages though cannot be set to have no sidebar.

    On the pages widget in the sidebar, what you are seeing is the default sample set. Go to appearance > widgets and put in the widgets that you desire to have in the sidebars and the sample set will go away.

    What appears in the top right menu is controlled from the header links tab in appearance > theme options.

    To control what shows in the main navigation, create a custom menu and then you can add only the specific pages that your want. You can even add categories or tags if you wish, or create custom links to perhaps another blog of yours. It is very flexible and also gives you the ability to have dropdown submenus.

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