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    I have exported my archives and begun blogging at a new platform on They told me they would like to redirect my old WordPress site to the new blog. However, they say they need information that I’m not sure how to obtain. My domain is currently registered with Wild West Domains, an entity with whom I’ve never had direct contact, since I bought the domain through WordPress. They asked for a customer number, but I’m not sure where I would find this. For some reason, my email address didn’t work when they tried to get access that way. Can anyone weigh in?

    The blog I need help with is




    If you are trying to redirect site to, here is the Support page for site redirect

    Let us know if you have more questions.



    Hi there,

    Rather than purchasing an additional site redirect upgrade, it should be possible to just point your domain directly to To do that we’ll need either their name servers, or their IP address. You’ll probably need to do something to connect the domain on Patheos’s end as well after you do that, so please check with them if they support doing it that way.


    Is there any way I can get my customer service number for this domain? Patheos keeps telling me this is what they need in order to handle the redirect on their end, and Wild West told me I needed to get it from you guys. Do you have a customer service number for me?


    Hi –

    Were you able to get the information from Patheos that we need in order to point the domain to them?

    As @kokkieh mentions above:

    it should be possible to just point your domain directly to To do that we’ll need either their name servers, or their IP address.


    Actually, I was told by another staffer that it would probably be best if I bought a site redirect. I’m curious though, is there any difference between giving you guys the server info/IP address and having you redirect the site, or my getting the redirect myself? Do these two methods have exactly the same outcome, or is one more likely to be successful than the other?



    The two will have the same end result.

    But a site redirect upgrade is an additional $13 a year on top of the registration fee you already pay for your domain. If that’s okay with you, you can go ahead and add that upgrade as per the link @kosiew provided above. (By the way, @kosiew is not staff, but a volunteer who answers questions in the forums.)

    However, we can point the domain to Patheos for you at no additional cost to you by simply editing its DNS. To do that we need to know the DNS records that Patheos needs the domain pointed to.

    I don’t see how a customer service number will help with this – we don’t provide phone support, but even if we did, we couldn’t make changes to the domain if someone from Patheos contacted us directly, as we can only make those types of changes at your request.


    Okay, if I can obtain that info from them, what is the best way to pass it on to you?



    Hi there,

    You can post it here. DNS records are public information so there’s no issue at posting them in this forum.


    Thanks everyone, I just have one more question: When I give you the DNS info, after you make the transition will I still have “back-door” access to my old site, so that I (for instance), cancel my purchase of the domain at some future date if I want to?



    @ yankeegospelgirl, you won’t loose access to or , so no worries there.

    Were you able to get the DNS information? An IP address would work, or the name servers.


    Yes, I have the info. Here’s the address:



    Thanks, we’ve updated that for you. Please allow 4-6 hours for those changes to take effect.

    Please also be sure Patheos is set up on their end to point the domain to the proper place on their site.


    Okay, what will Patheos need to do, exactly?


    They were attempting to engineer the redirect by looking for the customer service code, but you seem to be implying there’s something they should know how to do once you guys have set things up on your end, for which they don’t need that code (I’m assuming?)


    At the moment, when I attempt to go to the site it says “The site took too long to respond” and doesn’t point anywhere.


    If I had purchased the site redirect, I noticed there was an option for making sure I would go link to link. Is what you guys just did supposed to have exactly the same result in the end? Or should I have gone with buying the site redirect in the first place, if I wanted it to map each link onto the new address? If they are different, and this method was never designed to go link to link, is there a way for me to go back? I apologize for the questions, I’m just a bit confused about what Patheos needs to do at this point, and what it will look like in the end.



    Okay, what will Patheos need to do, exactly?

    Adding Patheos’s IP address to your domain just points the domain to them. They then still need to map or redirect it on their end. We cannot tell you exactly what Patheos needs to do in that regard as we don’t know how their system is set up. Can you please clarify whether you are setting up a site with them, or if your posts will just be published along with those of other authors on one site?

    It’s starting to sound like they don’t have the ability to connect a domain in that way – if so they really should have told you so when you asked for DNS info. In that case, you likely will need to buy the Site Redirect upgrade on our end instead. Then we simply take any traffic from people that try to access your site and forward it to the link you specify at Patheos.

    I noticed there was an option for making sure I would go link to link

    We cannot guarantee it will go to the exact same posts on the Patheos site. That site does not appear to use the same permalink structure as, and especially if your posts will just be published on one site along with those of other authors, rather than on it’s own site where only your posts appear, there is no way to have the redirect do that.

    In other words, adding the Site Redirect upgrade will ensure traffic to your domain is forwarded to, but it won’t necessarily be forwarded to your specific posts on that site.


    Yes, my site at Patheos is So it is my own site but under the Patheos umbrella. The rest of the URL will appear as it did on my old site.

    I’m glad to hear I still have the option of buying the site redirect, especially if that has a chance of going link to link.


    At the moment it seems this isn’t working at all, even to go to Patheos’s index page. Page “takes too long to load” and the team tells me there is no response when they ping the old site. In that case, if this continues can you undo whatever you did so I can give it a shot with buying the redirect?

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