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    Good Day-

    Another new guy here again. I was wondering/worried about something i read in “types of blog on wordpress.” on my homepage, i have a section with original text that i update m colleagues with. I really cant afford to get my blog deleted. But i read that posting unoriginal pictures is against worpress rules. I dont claim them to be my own, i jut post them as “random things i’ve found on the web.” is that an issue? most of them are products that i find interesting or funny. or pics of funny things. i really cant afford to get my blog shut down, any tips on how to avoid that? not jut about this question, but in general, how can i ensure i dont get deleted? i read in several parts of “forum” people saying their blog was shut down for no good reason. I just want to do anything and everything to avoid that. i would hope wordpress could give me the benefit of the doubt first and jut ask me to correct whatever i did wrong. i’m so low tech its ridiculous.

    ADVICE? thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    You’re best bet is to ask permission to use the images and at the very least link back with a source link where you got the image from. Regardless if you have permission or not.



    Be warned any blog you setup on this website is more likely to be shut down by the owns even if you break the rules by even 0.1 of an inch

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