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    Good Day

    I want to find out if there is a plugin available that will allow for the following scenario.

    1. From the front-end a user is able to fill in a form. The submitted data will be displayed on the system as a listing, but I do not want the contact information (Tel Nr and Email) that were required fields to be displayed.

    2. Plugin that will make the hidden contact details visible only to a user that paid for the information.

    3. Plugin that will be able to handle the purchasing of the credits in order to be able to view the contact details



    Hi @saflop, I haven’t heard of one that does all of that specifically. You may need to hire a developer to create that for you, otherwise I’d recommend asking in the forums for self-hosted WordPress installations.

    Most folks in these forums have a free WordPress site hosted here with us, and thus can’t install plugins without upgrading. And since the upgraded sites come with direct support, those users don’t typically hang out here. So you’ll likely find more relevant information if you’ll try the other forum. Hoping this helps!

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