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    How can I create the Home as Gateway theme demo. Even if I follow the istruction, none of the articles appears on the Home screen- nor the videos.

    The blog I need help with is



    Click on “My Site” then “Customize”. Click on “Static Front Page” and then under “Front Page Displays” click on “Your latest posts”

    Let me know if that helps!



    Just to get it out of the way, did you follow exactly all of the instructions found on the Gateway Theme page here?:

    Create a new Page, and assign it the “Home Page” template under Page Attributes. The title and content of this page will be displayed beneath the header.

    If you wish, assign the page a Featured Image to appear as a background to the header. If no Featured Image is assigned, the Custom Header
    Image will be used instead.

    Publish the page.

    Set the page as the Static Front Page.

    Now that the Homepage Template is active, navigate to the Customizer, in Theme Options → Homepage Template, to make the most of Gateway‘s features.

    Did you do all of the steps exactly? I notice when I go to your site, it takes me to a standard “recent blog posts” homepage, and only clicking the “Home” link do I get to the Gateway style homepage. Did you set the homepage as a Static Front Page?

    Let me know!



    @ruminatingtips: Gateway’s demo site uses a static front page. That static front page includes the site’s three most recent blog posts, which may have caused some confusion. I definitely recommend always checking the theme’s docs for guidance on how the demo is set up.

    @timeforsomethingnew2017: I’m glad to see you’ve set the front page up now! :) Let us know if you have extra questions.

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