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    Happy Friday and thank you in advance for your help!

    Yesterday I purchased an upgraded theme for my site (the Avid theme) and switched my content over ( I am having difficulty with my photos displaying properly. I read the forum on clearing my cache, yet I’m wondering if there’s anything else. This will display differently on 5 different computers I’ve tried, so I want to ensure my readers can view my site correctly. If you go into the Gallery, then click on any one of the galleries shown, I cannot get any photos to display other than the first one (i.e. the gallery roll at the bottom is missing, and even the bottom arrows don’t seem to work). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Eileen!

    I just took a look at the gallery here:

    Everything appears to be working correctly on my side as shown from the screenshot here:

    It’s also working correctly in Firefox and Safari. After clearing your browser’s cache (instructions), is this still not working correctly on your side?


    Hello and thank you for your response! Yes- I’m still having difficulty on my side. I can get it to work on my primary computer, but I’m still having difficulty getting the pictures to display on my other computers in the format your screen shows. I’m not as concerned about my computers, as I am my viewers going to my site. I just tried optimizing some of my galleries (using Picasa) but that doesn’t seem to do it either. Is there a different way I should organize my photos, still allowing for the full screen size, but to make it work? Thank you!


    Can you try the following?

    1. Clear the browser cache on your other computers following the steps here:

    2. If they’re still not displaying correctly, can you grab a screenshot as explained here?

    Just upload that photo to your Media Library here:

    Once I can see how they’re displaying, I’ll have a better idea of what we could do to fix this!


    Hello and thanks again for your help!

    I did try clearing the browser cache, and it’s still not working. Here’s a link to a screenshot of what’s happening:

    In addition, if I try to use the arrows at the bottom right to scroll over, the screen will freeze and it will not let me.

    Pulling this all up on a mobile device brings about a different difficulty of loading. On mobile, the gallery images and arrows to move work fine, but the homepage gallery takes about 2 minutes to load.

    I hope this helps, and let me know if anything else would be helpful.



    Can you let me know what browser and browser version you’re using on your computer that isn’t working correctly? You can find out by visiting

    One comforting aspect is that I don’t believe this is happening for your readers. Here’s what I’m seeing in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari:

    On mobile devices, the screenshot you provided is the intended appearance. The scrolling images beneath the slideshow are replaced by arrows on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Can you let me know how strong your wifi is? You can check download speeds here:

    Since the gallery contains quite a few images, it may take a few seconds to download, but certainly not 2 minutes. On my side, it loaded in 2-3 seconds on an iPhone 6 in Safari.


    Thanks again for your help and quick response. The browser I’m using on two different computers (where it’s not working) is Google Chrome…but it sounds like you were able to pull it up in Chrome. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. I’ve tried this on additional computers at home, and again at my corporate job in the office (as well as some co-workers) and same thing. Thank you!



    Could you let me know what browser versions you’re using when you’re seeing this error? It could only affect certain versions. You can find out the browser version by visiting

    On the computer where you’re having trouble, can you check Chrome to see if you have any extensions installed? You would check under Chrome -> Preferences -> Extensions.



    Here is an attachment where you can see my browser version- it appears it is up to date:

    I did check, and I do have extensions enabled.

    Here is what I’m seeing still when I click into a gallery- only one photo displays (no smaller photos below) and the arrows still don’t work to scroll over:

    Thanks again for your continued help here!


    That’s really puzzling. I’m using the same Chrome setup, and I’m seeing something different. What browser extensions do you have installed? The arrows to the right should be there, but for some reason, the thumbnails aren’t loading below.

    Would you mind downloading Firefox by chance ( and giving that a try? I’m trying to determine if something is up with Chrome or if this is occurring across all browsers.


    I just tried Firefox and that wont seem to work either. Thanks for your additional time, and keep me posted if anything else would be helpful for me to provide to you as you look into this!



    I took a look at this as well and I have some followup questions. I noticed you have a slideshow on the front of your site. That’s the one that shows up here.

    That one is formatted differently than the ones on the gallery page, so it won’t show the thumbnails.

    The other thing I noticed is the thumbnails are the last thing to load. Do you know what your internet connection speed is? If it’s relatively slow, the thumbnails might be loading late enough that you don’t notice them.

    Finally, could you tell me which browser extensions you have loaded? one if them might be blocking the thumbnails for you.


    Hello and thank you for the additional help!

    Thanks for looking at my home page as well as my galleries. My homepage I want set up so it does NOT show the thumbnails, so I think this one is okay. It’s just when I go into the galleries that the thumbnails are not loading (and then if I try to scroll over using the arrows my page freezes and it will not work). My internet connection speed is good. I have tried this at home, in my office, and even at a coffee shop and each destination is the same.

    In regards to browser extensions, I have Connectifier and Crystal.

    Overall, I’m not as concerned about my computer as I am people visiting my site (i.e. if somebody else has a browser extension, etc,). I do try other websites from my computer with a similar feel, also with thumbnails and large photos, and they seem to work (look at for example).

    Please let me know if you need anything else.



    Are you able to see the thumbnails on this page?


    Great question- no- the same thing happens. I can pull it up just fine on one of my computers, but am having the same issue on another one.


    Great question- no- the same thing happens. I can pull it up just fine on one of my computers, but am having the same issue on another one.



    am having the same issue on another one.

    Then the problem is connected to your specific set up.

    Please try disabling the extensions you have in your browser and see if that makes any difference. If it does, add them back one at a time so we know which one is blocking the thumbnails.



    I just tried disabling all of my browser extensions, and unfortunately that didn’t work:

    I also tried this same thing on my husband’s computer (one I’m also having difficulty getting to work) and this did nothing either. This seems to pull up just fine on one of my computers, but not correctly at all on others (all with great internet access). Keep me posted if you think of anything else!




    This seems to pull up just fine on one of my computers, but not correctly at all on others

    Can you think of some elements of the setup on the computer that works compared to the ones that don’t? (Operating system, web browser, processing speed, etc.)


    Not off hand…my husband and I have been looking into this too and cannot think of a thing. Is there something specific I can check on each? The computers that don’t work are using Windows 7, and the computer where it does work is using Windows 8?

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