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    The Gallery widget will not let me add any further images.

    I have been adding an image every day to the Gallery widgets that appear in the side bar of my site – but it will now not allow me to add any more – when I click on the “choose images” button in the Edit window, nothing happens.

    my site is
    my theme is iTheme2

    You will see I have 3 Galleries there – I cannot add any images to the existing galleries – and I cannot create a new gallery either.

    The blog I need help with is


    Ideally we can add as many images as we want to the gallery.

    Did you try clearing your browser’s cache or disabling browser extensions/add-ons/plugins?

    Could you try from a different computer?



    Yes to all your suggestions – and still the problem persists.



    I have even deleted one gallery – thinking it may be something to do with the quantity of images and/or widgets used.

    But it will not allow me to create a new gallery at all.

    This is very frustrating as Galleries are important to this photograph based site.


    Are you trying to add images from the Customizer?

    Could you try adding the gallery / images from Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets screen and see if it works?



    Discovered a cure for the problem.
    When on the Widget editing page – in top right hand corner, go to Screen Options and “disable accessibility mode” – you then get a slightly different arrangement where all your active widgets are listed – click on the arrow alongside the gallery widget and you are able to edit the images that appear below.
    Still don’t know why this should be so – but it works.


    Thanks for reporting this problem. I created a bug report for this.

    Meanwhile hope you are happy to use the Gallery widget with accessibility mode disabled.

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