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    As one of your team (JustJennifer) suggested we start individual theads if we no longer have access to the Gallery options. For some reason she marked the original post resolved yet many people like myself are still seeing issues. She has now closed the original thread so I am taking her suggestion and reporting again.



    Yes, the gallery layout options are still missing. It’s very frustrating, I am dependent on them since my pages has different purpose with the gallery layouts. On some pages I need circles, on other pages I need mosaic or squares etc. The gallery layout follows a logical design language on my site.


    Same here. I’ not sure she had a right to close that thread even if she suggested creating a new one just for this. I see it as part of the same problem. I also got a very unsatisfactory response by email from WordPress, basically telling me what I could already see for myself (they have a habit of doing that) and saying that the gallery style option – circles, tiles, etc. – was ‘indeed deprecated (discontinued is what I think he meant) but as the gallery is still allowed I could try to do it another really complicated way but without keeping the circle format. Hmmm.



    For some reason she marked the original post resolved

    Hi there, just pointing out that at no point in that thread did I say I was the one who marked it resolved. It was already marked resolved when I returned to the forums this morning (my time).

    @redqueenmusings – You have not included here the information requested:

    The initial details needed are the address of your website and what Editor interface and dashboard you are using. A link to an affected post or page is also helpful.

    Thank you for posting that info.

    I’ve also flagged this thread for Staff attention since they are the only ones who can give accurate information on this issue. Again, thanks for your patience while they get back to you.

    @miamakila79 – I do not find a new forum thread you started as you mentioned here If you have a paid upgrade and have already posted at please be patient for Support to reply to you directly rather than continuing to post into other people’s threads. Thanks again.


    Did you not say ‘I am going to mark this thread as resolved as the staff have onsidered the problem resolved’? Or something to that effect?

    Whoever closed it, it was not resolved – full stop.

    The WordPress staff have back office access to each site so surely they know what theme is used on each site?



    Sorry, I don’t know how WordPress support works, I thought I started a new thread but I think it sent as an email because I am a paying member (which is better I guess), I did not know that we are not allowed to talk in other people’s threads. I hope this issue will be fixed.



    I was going to say Miamakila79 that maybe you meant to but just found this one first. You are allowed to contribute to other threads, especially if they relate to issues that affect you. Good luck with your email response!


    I was going to say Miamakila79 that maybe you meant to but just found this one first. You are allowed to contribute to other threads, especially if they relate to issues that affect you. Good luck with your email response!



    Thank you! When you hear that you shouldn’t post in other people’s threads, it doesn’t make me feel welcome here, I have never written in this forum before and I don’t know if I am welcome to do so again but I will try to get the help I need. Good luck to you as well!



    I’m not sure it is helpful for each and every one of us to post a separate HELP on the same issue. And as far as I am aware you can join in a thread if it is about the same subject. Whatever is causing this is not an individual account, but more like a technical issue which is connected to the original problem of the galleries not showing correctly on a published post. If WP have decided to remove this option I would like to know why? It is a fundamental part of a website design to be able to lay out your images in various ways.

    There is still a problem that needs addressing. I have logged out of my WP account and logged back in to see if that makes a difference. It does not. The layout options that justjennifer posted on the original support post is missing on all three of my blogs.

    This is what I see now:

    (hope that works, it is the first time I have tried to post an image).

    I hope that a staff member comes to look at this post and give us some indication that the problem has been escalated and is being addressed. I thank all the WP volunteers for their assistance, but also do not understand how the original post was classed as resolved when it clearly wasn’t.

    I use the classic editor from the WP Admin menu on all my blogs:


    @izit, yep that is the exact same issue I see when trying to create a gallery in the same widget as I just did there to check if the issue was still there. I cancelled it when the screen looked the same, i.e. same as yours above without the layout /style options.

    It may be the designer’s decision but they have not mentioned this so I think it is just WP fixing or removing what does not need to be fixed or removed, without thinking of the effect it has on various site users. Not the first site to go down the ‘if it ain’t broke fix it (or remove it as is the case here) until it is!’ route.

    @miyamakila79 – No problem!


    Apologies Justjennifer the link to my blogs are and I use the standard admin editor on both.

    The problem has also affected blogs that have already been published. (I use the tiled mosaic mostly) and this seems to have turned into thumbnails.

    When trying to create a new gallery I don’t have this option anymore only the choice of thumbnail, medium, large or full size. Choosing medium this is what shows which is nothing like I want to see.



    @redqueenmusings , @izit thank you for adding that information. Let’s be patient now so The Powers That Be can work on this issue.

    @miamakila79 et al – Keep in mind that when someone replies to a forum thread, an email is sent to the original poster of the thread and anyone else subscribed to the forum thread. If you are replying with the information for Staff (as I mentioned in the other forum thread) then that is relevant.

    I realize this is frustrating. As someone who has taken a keen interest in the Gallery feature since it was introduced on back in 2008, I am also concerned with the recent disappearance of the tiled gallery layout options in the Classic Editor.

    Thank you for your patience.


    Thank you justjennifer. Will you or another member of staff come onto this thread and let us know when the problem is fixed?



    Again, I am a volunteer moderator, not a Staff member. :)

    I added the MODLOOK tag for Staff attention; they’ll post back here when they have something to report.


    Thank you.



    UPDATE: Please check your sites and let us know if the tiled gallery layout options are appearing in the WP Admin Classic Editor for you.



    Works for me! Thanks! :)



    @justjennifer I have checked all my sites and yes the gallery layout options now appear and work fine in a post. Thank you for your assistance in getting this sorted.



    Perfect! Just waiting for @redqueenmusings and @corbettamtranslations to confirm so we can mark this resolved. :)

    @redqueenmusings as the original poster of this thread, you can mark this thread resolved by changing the Status from “not resolved” to “resolved” by using the drop down menu next to it in the sidebar and then clicking “update.”

    Good night all, happy posting.

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