Front Page Features – how to get it like the demo?

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    The Front page features, would like the three columns with title, image and text as formated in the demo.
    Following instructions on ‘overview’ but can’t seem to get it right.
    It says they automatically column but mine are stacked.

    What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – the first step is to set a static homepage.

    First, create a page to use as your homepage, and a second page to be used as your blog. (You can skip the second page if you don’t plan to have a blog or news section with posts.)

    Next, go into your Customizer‘s Homepage Settings panel and choose “A static page” as your homepage, and then select the page you just created from the dropdown. Select your blog page as your “Posts page” if you’ll have a blog.

    Still in your Customizer, go into the Theme Options panel and select your three featured pages. I see you’ve so far selected “Who?” and “Why?” there, so this part is nearly done. The reason they’re not yet being displayed is that you need to complete the above two steps first.

    Let me know how it goes!



    I have completed these steps and those three featured pages are still not below on my homepage. I am not sure why they are still not showing up?

    The blog I’m trying to edit is



    thomcor – your theme (Goran) is different than millerybug’s (Dara), so the instructions I gave them do not apply to your site – setup steps differ from theme-to-theme. Open your front page in the editor and under Page Attributes, choose the Front Page template, and you should be set. You can also follow the Goran theme guide. If you need help in the future, feel free to start a new thread.



    Thank you so much Kathrynwp, it works!

    With a few bits more tweaking new website should be ready to roll shortly. Thanks again Kathrynwp – perfect easy steps to follow and quick response



    Glad to hear it – the site’s looking great! Feel free to get in touch in a new thread if you need help with anything else.



    Hi, I would like to customise the text that appears under the three photos in the bottom of the page. Now it automatically takes what it is written on the selected pages, but it seems weird. Is it possible to customise this?
    Thanks, Mojca


    attractyoung, please refrain from posting on others’ threads. You can post a fresh thread here and we will help.

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