Front-end different when logged in.

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    Dear WordPress,

    I am experiencing some issues with WordPress. When i’m logged in as administrator I’m seeing certain elements correctly like the shopping cart and contact forms. However, when i’m not logged in these elements are either broken or not on the right place. I also tested whether this might be a caching problem, but that’s not the case.

    One case is the shopping cart, the other is a Hubspot form that appears on the very bottom of a page. Do you know why these elements are correct when logged in as admin, but not as shop manager?

    Looking forward hearing from you.

    With kind regards,



    Hi there,

    What is the address of the site you are referring to?

    Please note that these forums are for hosted sites only. If your site is using the open-source software, we won’t be able to help you out and you’ll want to seek help at these forums:

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