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    I have a friend that had a blog with you guys and said he’s is free. I can’t find that option. Why and how do it get it?


    You can create a free site here with an address ending in etc or



    I’m sorry but I am not capable to create a free site. The process gets stuck in the domain selection. Even If I select “Not sure yet? Choose a domain later” it doesn’t allow to continue.

    What am I doing wrong? Many thanks!




    That option is for people planning to buy a paid plan, but who don’t want to register a custom domain right away.

    If you want the free plan, you need to register a free subdomain. On the domains step, type in a key word, and then select the free address that’s suggested to proceed.



    Thank you @kokkieh for your answer, but I’m lost with this issue.

    I already have a account, and a free site. I want another.

    I begin the process here: “Add new site”


    Then I click on “Create a shiny new site”:


    Then, at domain selection, I am not capable to select the “” subdomain option.


    Can you please let me know what am I doing wrong? Many thanks!!



    Even If I start from I am not able to create a new free site. Many thanks!



    Strange, though the error you’re seeing could be a clue.

    I assume “justtestingnow” is not the free address you’re trying to register. Can you please give the actual address you’re looking for? It could be the address is unavailable and our system is failing at generating suggestions.

    And what option did you select during the questionnaire in the very first step?



    Nevermind, I’ve found the problem.

    You have an old, suspended site in your account. Accounts that have suspended sites are not allowed to create new sites on

    If you’re not aware of this suspension, or you believe it was in error, please contact our terms of service team via the form at

    We do not help with suspended sites and accounts in the forums.



    Thank you @kokkieh for your answer, I have sent a contact request, but I have written “” in the website field, as I dn’t know which site could be suspended, and I assume my published one is not affected.

    How much time should I expect to receive an answer?



    Hi there,

    You’ll get an answer typically within 24 hours, but it depends on the support volume.

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