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    Welcome to the Forums!

    If you’re starting out, need a refresher, or just can’t quite find what you need, here are some quick tips on finding your way around:

    And here are a few suggestions for getting the most out of the forums:

    • Use descriptive titles – Summarize your question or issue. The more descriptive your title the better.
    • Make it easy to read – Don’t use fancy formatting in your posts if it’s not necessary. Lists are great if you’ve got several questions, or if you need to outline steps to reproduce an issue you’re having. CAPSLOCK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. :)
    • Search before posting – Chances are that someone has had the same problem as you before. Check to see if there are similar threads, and try not to create duplicates.
    • Be patient – There are hundreds of posts made a day. Don’t worry if you don’t get an answer straight away.

    Ready to dive in yourself? Check out our list of troubleshooting tips:

    Need some more help? Find out how to get extra support for your site here:


    Here’s a quick guide for where certain types of posts are best suited.

    • Blogging advice & design feedback – Check out our weekly Community Pool over on the Daily Post.
    • Theme design help – Staff and volunteer CSS gurus can help you out over in the CSS Forum.
    • Theme set up – If you’re using a Premium Theme, head over to the forum set up just for you! If you’re using a free theme, the themes forum is the perfect place for your question.
    • Feature requests – Find the perfect plugin that you think tons of people will use, but we don’t have it on yet? Post in our Ideas forum and we’ll pass it on to the developers.
    • Anything else – feel free to post in the support forums!

    Also, if you just want to connect with other bloggers, get inspired, build your brand, and get inside tips from the folks who bring you, take a look at our Blogging University here:

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