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    Reposted here to get feedbacks and ‘official’ insights – previously posted as a reply to a posting over at: ((email visible only to moderators and staff))

    Regarding the wordpress forum and getting an official feedback/help, I did post there before on two occasions I think and never did I get a reply or the issue just didn’t have a solution. The same issues we have been talking about in the maillist I have sort of brought up, such as:
    1 – WordPress Database update so that misspelled registered titles/usernames may be reused/re-registered (or reapplied for) after deletion or after expiration of non-verified and/or stagnant account. I often wonder about this and why can’t do something about the DB, afterall they are trying to better their product – hence running it on their own server-host should be their best model/showcase for said blog implementation, right?
    2 – Unverified accounts should be recycled.
    3 – Dashboard and CP issues, often times we see a disparity of what may be accessed or changed, Kubrick theme now seems unchangeable (the colors at least!).
    4 – Some updates and/or changes made via CP – ‘sometimes’ doesn’t show up even after systems are refreshed, hence changes made are just discarded.

    On 1/6/06, Kafkaesquí Oseo <(email visible only to moderators and staff)> wrote:

    The folk have gone live with support forums for members:

    It’s intended for those with a account, but I believe you can still register and post on the forums without one. So visit there and seek official help to your heart’s content.

    Keep in mind wordpressdotcom is still *here* and will remain for user (and non-user, certainly) enquiries and help of any kind, as long as there’s a need for it. So in summary:
    –> Official support for members.
    –> Unofficial, user-to-user help and discussion.

    .: Robert Mark O. Lauzon

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