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    Theme: Twenty Eleven

    Is it possible to have a footer (widget)-area displayed on all pages and posts?
    Currently the footer is now displayed on pages only, and I would like to have it on the ‘home’-page as well.

    I have set up the “footer” in <Appearance, Widgets>.

    The blog I need help with is


    Since wordpress foisted the “infinite scrolling onto us unsuspecting bloggers yesterday, there is not a footer widget area on the twenty ten or eleven theme on the site main page anymore. This has angered more than a couple bloggers here, but unless about 25,000,000 more post that they hate it, it is unlikely to change.

    My suggestion, switch to a theme other than twenty eleven or twenty ten and then hope they don’t roll this albatross into all the other themes here.



    The Home “screen” is the first post (and not a page) right?
    What’s the idea of changing pages when it concerns the (first) post?

    And, if possible, can the footer be implemented on the Home-screen by some CSS-ing?



    The no footer infinite scroll was snuck onto your site a day or so back – not well received and has broken thousands of blogs and messes up your home page view stats.



    I note the blog linked to your username is wearing the Shelf premium theme. When asking for support for your other blog on these forums in the future will you please be kind enough to post an active link to it starting with http://

    P.S. As we cannot disable infinite scrolling on Twenty Eleven and Twenty Ten I switched themes yesterday.

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