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    Hi, I’ve been trying to follow blogs from my reader tab, but none of the sites have a ‘follow blog’ button. I’ve even gone to ‘manage subscriptions’ and tried to enter the url manually, but when I search an account, the account pops up but with no follow button.



    Hi there,

    Can you share the URLs of a few sites you’ve been trying to follow?

    While it’s possible to follow any website with an RSS feed manually in the Reader under Manage Subscriptions, the follow button is a feature, and only appears on sites that are hosted with us on

    WordPress sites at other hosts don’t display that button, and while we do offer a button sites like that can add as a widget, it’s up to individual site owners whether or not they want to follow that.

    So most likely you’re trying to follow sites that are not hosted with us.

    Or it could be that the sites are hosted with us, but your browser is not loading the button for some reason. If I can take a look at some of the sites, I’ll be able to tell you which it is.


    Sure, here are a couple of the links. I’m pretty sure most of these are hosted on WordPress, but I could be wrong.



    So I’m scrolling down slightly on those sites, then scrolling back up. I see the follow button then. Are you seeing it?

    And, on that last one I see the follow button just to the right of the site title. If you’re still not seeing that, would you be willing to try another browser to see if that makes any difference?


    So the last link worked when I opened it with another browser, but with the first two links I couldn’t find any button.



    Thanks, would you confirm what browsers you’ve tried so far, and also get screenshots of what you do see on those pages?

    If you’re getting “cookies and consent” messages, I think you may need to choose to accept those. Then please do try scrolling down slightly and scrolling back up to see if the follow button appears.


    For the first two, I tried chrome and safari and neither worked. The third link worked with safari, but not chrome.

    How do I add screenshots?


    Hi there,

    You can add your screenshots to your media library. We can view them from there.



    Okay, I’ve added the two screenshots.



    Are those both full screenshots? I noticed on one of them, part of the menu bar was cut off at the top. Is that what you’re seeing in your browser as well? I’m wondering if the bottom is being cut off, too.

    Does pressing command+0 help anything?


    Oh, that was just because I didn’t screenshot the entire screen. If you’d like, I can redo them. Command 0 didn’t do anything either.


    Thank you. That’d be great.


    Thank you. That’d be great.


    Okay, I put full screenshots in.



    Just to confirm, it shows the full screen to the bottom edge as well?

    On the screen shot it’s not showing the admin bar, which means Chrome thinks you’re not logged in. Are you perhaps blocking third party cookies in your browser?

    The follow button should show regardless, though. If you scroll down a bit, and scroll back up, does anything appear? And did you at any point see a banner at the bottom of the screen asking you to accept cookies?

    It looks like you have an ad-blocker installed in Chrome. Please check if the button appears if you temporarily disable that.


    Yup, it was the ad blocker! It all works now. Thanks so much!


    Thanks for letting us know that you have this sorted now!

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