Follower/Subscriber Count Discrepancy, Widget vs. Stats

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    I am using the basic wordpress “Follow Blog” widget to allow my readers to subscribe to my blog by email. I recently noticed an issue with how my subscribers are being counted. According to the widget my follower count is over 900. However, if I go to my stats page, it lists 41 followers.

    What’s going on? Have I deluded myself thinking I’m more successful than I really am?

    This is regarding the blog Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is:



    If you use Publicize then I believe all your Facebook and Twitter followers are being counted in as well.


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    Hmm … Thanks for the insight, but that still doesn’t add up. If I add up my Twitter and Facebook followers I get 957. If I then add in my followers according to my stat page I get 997. But my widget says I have 975 followers at the moment.

    Still confused!


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    Oh, and sorry, according to my stats page, those 41 subscribers do include Publicize.



    I flagged this thread for a Staff response.



    Are you adding the follow numbers from the Totals, Followers & Shares module on your stats page? You’ll want to add these numbers:

    • blog followers
    • Twitter followers
    • Facebook friends

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    Hmm ok:

    Blog followers: 42 (31 WordPress / 11 email)
    Twitter followers: 726
    Facebook friends: 220

    Total: 988

    My “Followers” count in the subscriber widget is counting 980.

    Is there maybe a delay in that count? If so, I think I get it now. Otherwise, I know you’re right, but I’m still wondering what I’m missing.

    One way or another, I knew my followers count was just too optimistic :-/ Thanks for the help!


    Hi Emily,

    So I just checked and followers are updated instantly, while Facebook and Twitter numbers are updated daily (as long as the numbers they provide are correct).

    I hope that clears things up — cheers!


    I have a question along those same lines. My follow blog widget says I have 1,289 followers. But my total blog followers is 7, plus my facebook friends is 641. So that is a total of only 648. That doesn’t account for 641 other followers I supposedly have. What is the problem? I am most confused… Thanks!


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    Do you have Twitter or another account linked up to your Publicize, perhaps?


    I don’t have twitter, but I just recently linked my blog to google+ and LinkedIn. But that was just like two weeks ago, so that could be where they came from, but to get 641 more people in two weeks seems awful quick. but that might be the answer…thx!


    only thing is, if it is google+ and linkedin, they are not showing up in my stats…


    Same problem here…

    189blog followers


    Sorry, I will try again:

    189 blog followers
    1097 twitter
    2383 total followers according to the follow blog-widget.

    It looks like Twitter counts double??



    Along these lines, how do Facebook followers work? Are they receiving new posts on FB? And, is there a way to see who they are?



    Maybe my questions should be a new thread, sorry. New at this.



    Till yesterday I could see my facebook followers, as subscribers now they have disappeared, why?


    this happened to me too. so i disconnected facebook from wordpress, then reconnected, and my fb followers showed up again.


    i read somewhere on one of the wordpress support pages, that sometimes the connection between fb and wordpress gets broken or deactivated. so it explained you need to disconnect and reconnect again when this happens. hopefully this helps!



    thank u guys. it worked!

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