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    I am walking through the “create site” screens, and on screen 3 if 4 it is forcing me pick a domain name. I already have a domain name through GoDaddy. I don’t see anyway around this screen. I’ve tried clicking the “upgrade your site” button in the Help pages, but that again takes me right back to the “create site” wizard, which brings me right back to screen 3 of 4.

    How do i just create a ‘nameless’ site for now, so that i can add my own domain name later?



    Hi there,

    You’ll need to click on “Already own domain” to use your own domain. You can either transfer your domain to or keep the domain with your registrar and map it. You’ll find a more information here:

    How do i just create a ‘nameless’ site for now, so that i can add my own domain name later?

    Every site must have a domain. You can always change it later.


    This is the page and content I see, after clicking Create a New Site. I don’t see anywhere that says “already own domain”….

    Step 3 of 4
    Let’s give your site an address.
    Enter your site’s name, or some keywords that describe it – we’ll use this to create your new site’s address.

    Enter a name or keyword

    A domain name is the site address people type into their browser to visit your site.


    Top left… i click: My Site -> Create Site -> Let’s Give Your Site An Address

    And on that page, I have no option to “skip” or anything.


    Hello @liver1971342154028,

    You are right that you can’t “skip” anything, but there are some less obvious choices that can carry you through.

    In Step 2 of 3, type a temporary name. Assuming you choose a name that hasn’t been claimed, the first narrow row should now offer a free domain with appended to your chosen name.

    Also, if you scroll to the bottom of the narrow rows, you will see the option to add a domain name that you already own. But you can always do this later too.

    Let us know if this works for you.

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