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    I know this thread is basically a small group of people beating a dead horse. We can’t give you the kind of feedback you are looking for because we have given up on the block editor. However, my post was not venting. I was saying that WordPress is no longer suitable for writing students. In part that is because it is too difficult to learn in a short time. However, it is also because it goes against basic principles of good writing, such as unity, coherence, and flow.

    I just looked at the stats on for the Gutenberg plugin. It has 604 five-star ratings and 2,110 one-star ratings, with around 400 in-between. Some people love the block editor. I bet they are web designers. Haters outnumber lovers by more than 3 to 1. I bet they are writers. The average rating is two stars.

    The people you say are venting actually love WordPress and are long time users. They don’t like the direction that WordPress has gone in. I think they are trying to help. And though this thread is a very small group, I think they represent a great many others in the WordPress community, maybe 2/3’s of it. Eventually WordPress will have to deal with it.



    @supernovia, quote

    I totally understand that it feels good to vent and have others agree with you

    No amount of venting and commiseration can undo the sadness in my writer’s heart to have to say goodbye to a site which I have come to love, over the past ten years.

    Allow me to state, in a rather passive-aggressive way, that I shall not annoy the WP staffers anymore with my declarations of love for a dying WP editor.

    Have a great weekend,

    Mabel Amber



    Thanks folks, we’ve gathered all of your feedback and passed it along to our developers.

    If you run into a new issue or bug, please let us know.

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