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    Our website is currently connected to the Anchor Podcast site, and it was previously automatically updating our episodes from Anchor unto our WordPress site. However, after taking a few weeks off our podcast, we noticed that our current updates are no longer being automatically displayed on our WordPress site. We tried to reach out to Anchor, but were told that the episodes were already on our RSS feed, just that they were not being displayed by our WordPress. We didn’t change anything in our site aside for our banner image, so we are not sure what could have caused this. Is there any way we can fix this?

    Site: (redacted).
    WP.com: Yes
    Correct account: Yes



    Hello there,

    Happy to help you with this.

    It looks like there’s a static homepage set on this set, which will display content on the page called home on the front page.

    Are you looking to show the latest episodes on the front page? If yes, please go to Appearance > Customize > Homepage settings > select Latest Posts as the front page.

    I hope this helps!



    Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, our problem is that the latest episodes are not updating on our WordPress at all. We currently have 7 episodes on our Anchor channel, but only 5 of those were automatically updated by WordPress. Anchor’s support team stated that the missing 2 episodes are already in our RSS feed, but they are not sure why they are not being updated on WordPress.

    Will this be solved by choosing Latest Posts as our front page?

    Thank you to anyone that will answer!



    Hello there,

    Ok thank you for that extra information, it’s most useful.

    So we know what we’re looking for here, can you tell me the titles of the posts and episodes that are missing please?

    Many thanks in advance.



    Thank you for the quick response. The missing episodes are:

    6. Jade Seah – Businesswoman, Digital Content Creator, Actress and Model shares her secrets to success.

    7. Rachel Coates – Charming, bold, and talented—but has she always been like this? Get to know another side of this actor, musician, and singer-songwriter.

    Thanks in advance.



    Thanks for clarifying. Do you recall when you published those two podcasts, did you also get prompted to add the podcast as a new blog post on your WordPress site?

    If not, that’s the problem. Reach back out to Anchor support and have them check that your Anchor account is still connected to your WordPress.com user account – if that channel is broken, it would cause issues including this one.

    I hope that helps!



    Yes, we were prompted to add the podcast. Anchor did inform us that the episodes are in our WordPress RSS feed, it’s just that the episodes are not appearing in the episodes page of our blog.

    Is there any way for our us to fix it?

    Thank you!



    Hi there!

    So I’ve checked with our team and found that the episodes are not supposed to be posted automatically after the initial setup is completed.

    In other words, when you initially set up Anchor, all existing podcast episodes are posted to your WordPress.com site automatically. However, for each subsequent podcast episode published after the initial setup, you need to go into the episode details within Anchor → click the Sharing icon → choose the option to share the episode to WordPress.com.

    Can you try doing that for your sixth and seventh episodes?

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