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    I would like to know which is the featured images dimensions for every post using theme Canard.

    The blog I need help with is myfruitpunchgr.wordpress.com.




    The Quick Specs section of the Canard theme guide says (dimensions in pixels):

    Featured Images are 1920 wide by 768 high.

    Those dimensions represent both the recommended minimum width and height, and the dimensions that a larger image will be automatically reduced and cropped to. For example, the featured image on your post San Francisco has the original file size 2000 X 1333, and is reduced and cropped to 1920 X 768 to fit the standard for the theme.

    On a test site with the Canard theme applied I found that there was no option to vary the size of the displayed portion of the file-size featured image. The size is automatically reduced and cropped to 1920 X 768.

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