Feature Request: IntenseDebate integration into WordPress.com

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    I was thinking – Automattic has had these two properties (WordPress.com and IntenseDebate) for ages, but there’s never been a move to bring them together.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if IntenseDebate were to be installed in our blogs on WordPress.com? Make it optional, not mandatory for us to offer our visitors the option of using their IntenseDebate accounts to leave comments on our blogs.

    No need to go through the trouble of importing comments from the native (WordPress.com) commenting system. You could do what Buzzfeed was doing with its comment section until a few months ago, and have two stacks of comments for each blog post – one powered using the old system, the other powered by IntenseDebate.

    Some people might want to post a comment on a blog without it appearing on a profile, elsewhere, and for those people, the old commenting system will be fine. Maybe, if they’re having trouble with trolls, this will be a useful option. But when those without such worries use IntenseDebate, that system helps to tie blogs together, helping them form a more cohesive community.

    Except when the blogs are hosted on WordPress.com, which I would think would strike you as being a perverse thing about the status quo – IntenseDebate (an Automattic product) is boosting engagement on Tumblr, on Blogger, but not so much on blogs hosted on Automattic. Great that you guys are doing a favor for the rest of the blogging community, and please go on doing so, but why not be as nice to yourselves as you have been to Yahoo (Tumblr) and Google (Blogger)?

    Also, why not put ads over on IntenseDebate, in the sidebar and monetize the place? Please don’t do inline ads, as some of us run our RSS feeds through IFTTT and inline advertising, once tweeted, would seen as being spam by Twitter, but there’s nothing wrong with having ads in the sidebar. It would be added profit for you guys, and I think we’re all in favor of that, and little work from you would be required. You wouldn’t even have to hire anybody, at first. Just install AdSense and Google will give you half of the ad revenue.

    Or you could have your ad team for WordPress.com sell ad space on IntenseDebate, and keep all of the revenue for yourselves. Whichever works best for you.

    Just a thought.

    The blog I need help with is morninglife.wordpress.com.



    Note: Please ignore the last sentence. I don’t need any help with my blog at the moment, and was surprised to see that sentence added to the end of what I wrote.


    Hi there,

    Automattic essentially abandoned IntenseDebate and replaced it with Jetpack comments.

    IntenseDebate for WordPress hasn’t been updated in over 2 years.

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