Feature Request: Default Links in Content to "Open in New Window" Feature

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    I love WP. Much easier for hosting my blog than what I used years (and years!) ago. I have a minor annoyance, that I think can be created with a simple feature change, or settings feature.

    I use the “open in new tab” link feature extensively when adding links to content. In fact, I use it on every link. Its three extra mouse clicks to get these links to open in a new tab/window. The feature works, but should either default to on, or let me default it to on.


    The blog I need help with is thesuburbanforager.com.



    Thanks @thesuburbanforager, we’ve noted your request. I can’t say whether or when we would implement it, but in case we did I’d imagine they might ask this: do you opt for open in a new tab when linking to your site’s own content, or just when linking to an outside site? And, would it be enough for the system to just “remember” your last preference and use that unless you specify otherwise?



    I would like this feature too. My preference would be to open in a new tab for all links (have this as a site-wide setting). Remembering/ defaulting this might be an option as well, maybe on the UI have a “make this my default” checkbox.




    Thanks Clayton –

    Our team will see all of the requests and +1s listed in this thread. Appreciate your input.


    Thanks, I originally posted here – https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/open-in-a-new-window-tab-for-all-blogs-setting/#post-3337208. I am just adding the reference because of a question and answer on how to solve the accessibility issue.


    The easiest way to accommodate the feature request is to have the “new window” popup part of the “hyperlink” popup. So, combine the controls for entering the URL and the control for opening in a new window. Its wasted steps to have to go to another popup for setting the new window setting.

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