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    Hi All,
    I must be doing something wrong! My 3 #featured posts/images (Ixion theme) are not changing even though I have a new post tagged as #featured and deleted one that I no longer want.
    Is there something that I can do in the CSS?
    The site in question is https://uonlib.wordpress.com


    The blog I need help with is uonlib.wordpress.com.


    Hi, currently I’m seeing the following 4 posts with the featured tag.

    City Library Opens in NeW Space
    City Library moves in NeW Space
    Library spaces open 24 hours during mid-year recess
    NAIDOC WEEK 2 – 9 JULY Our Languages Matter

    There are three locations below the header image to show featured posts or pages. Since you have 4 set with the featured tag, the fourth will not show, only the first three. If you are wanting a different one to show that what is showing now, you will have to edit that post and then remove the featured tag from it.



    Thanks I got it working :)


    Hooray and you are welcome!


    How did you get it? I would also want the 3 boxes, but only one is showed :(
    This is the site, still not full of information until I get sure it all works.
    Same thing with “Testimonials”, I can’t find the way to show them :.(

    Thanx from Valencia, Spain




    Edu – you used the tag “portada” for your featured posts, but you have only one post with that tag set – “Primera entrada blog.” If you add that tag to additional posts, they should show up in the Featured Content area as expected.

    Your testimonial archive page is here: https://bosquescuelavalencia.wordpress.com/testimonial/

    You can also use the testimonial shortcode on pages, posts, or in a widget.

    If you need further help, could you please start a new thread in the themes forum? Thanks!


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