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    I just noticed that tWord Press has comeout with a new theme Called “Auto Focus” and right up front is a example that shows a templated gallery of one shot of about 20-30 photos in a group sorta like a Album Page. I LOVE this look but have been paying people 25-50 bucks a pop to have them build it for me. I would rather be out shooting than doing this. At first I thought that this theme may do this for you? Have a built in template to just pop photos into? Is this too good to be true? I Ideally a them like this that would allow each pic inside the template to be HOT so that people could clik on it for a bigger version of it or a mouse over enlargement feature? Seems simple, why not build it? You can see what I mean on my blog! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is switepine.wordpress.com.


    I love AutoFocus too!

    You can pop photos into posts and they will be stacked automatically on the home page (so neat!) and when you click on each image it leads to a post where you can have just the image or just a featured image or a whole blog post.

    Check out the AutoFocus demo site:

    You might also completely love the gallery pages combined with the carousel image slideshow feature for galleries. Check out this page too: http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/autofocus/



    Hi designsimply! Thats for your reply, I cannot seem to get notice of replies to my forum post so had to dig to find this! Maybe you can take this off line here and we can chat independently I am Stephan Hoglund of stephan hoglund photography on face book if you would be so good to chat with me about this. here is the feature (or not) that I found the most interesting but i am a bit tech challenged so I will give you the link to it. It is this staggered gallery such as I have on my blog but i have to hire people to put it together for me and it is costly. what I am wondering is, is this feature automatic in Auto focus? Here is the screen I am speaking of. http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/autofocus
    Aaaaand if this is not a auto feature where we would drag pics into a ready made template, why could wordpress not create it?

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