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    Could the FAQS crew think about putting a separate section regarding definitions of common terms? Often I note people asking What is a catagory/tag/blogroll/CSS/etc? This may seem really simple but there will always be newbies.


    Ya want to create it? :P



    Depends on the salary.


    Good answer :P


    And a good idea to have a glossary of terms



    Thus helpful, esp for lazy homie ;)



    I am glad you guys said something. We are actually in the process of putting something like this together. The project has not officially begun, but the idea and need has been mentioned, and we should be commencing on the project very shortly.

    Stay tuned!



    bubel – excellent. Be good to have a simple link to refer to (when pea-brains cannot do a simple search). Maybe the good people on the forum would like to suggest entries..?



    boblets – I thought you would never ask. Yes! everyone in the forum, please send us requests and ideas for the project (submit them here in the forum). What would you like to see in it? What do you think a n00bie (that’s my Halo love coming out) would like to see in it? Anything. Throw your ideas out here.



    In many of them “See also…” references would be useful such as for Catagories … See also definitions for tags, hierarchy, etc And a pointer to the related FAQs.

    They could even be contextual pointers similar to Wikipedia.



    I imagine a very short entry on all the stuff on the dashboard, in settings. I think it is important that it is simple, though.
    what are:
    -css (learn it, pay)
    -java (and why we cannot have it)
    best way of publishing:
    -NOT word, editors etc



    Don’t forget ping and trackback!



    yep! and maybe somewhere a note on dynamic code versus static. And why it will not work. Java, php etc.



    I would also add…maybe .. in not order whatsoever.

    – a definition of “hacking” and hacking
    – Google is your friend
    – a simple example of inline formatting
    – html/xhtml – validation, css validation
    – media. sound, video, pdf
    – textwidgets – what they do, what you can do



    – what upgrade will let me run ads?


    What services are pinged when an article is posted:


    Ooops Membracid sortta covered that :P


    Hi! I’m one of those newbies (pea brains!) that you all are talking about. It’s obvious that you all having been blogging for a long time. It might be hard for you to imagine but for me, I don’t understand the concepts behind the so many of the definitions you all take for granted. Without the proper context, I find it difficult to understand a lot of the answers I see on the form.

    What I would like to see (and maybe it is already here – just let me know where!) is a “read this first” email that gives me some background information so I can start blogging. If it’s just a list of definitions, it will probably sound Greek to me!

    I can envision something like…

    Congratulations. You just signed up for Word Press. Here’s a checklist of what you need to do next. If I had a check list of what I need to do, I could probably figure out how to do it. Or at least I could have a better idea of what questions to ask.

    Jo Anne


    I wanted to add a P.S. … Thank you guys for taking the time to answer people’s questions! It’s really nice of you all to do this!



    funcartattoos – I for one have not been blogging much at all, but I have an iterest in computers and in fact studies digital media.

    Your suggestion is a good one.
    It is of course up to staff to decide what to do, though.
    I think maybe some of the problem could be that the information is written by techies (bless them), and therefore greek to – erm – a lot of people (lets leave out peabrain for now). So if the lesser techie orientated could say what they don’t understand, that would probably help.

    I am not suggesting you should go on a crusade through the faqs, but suggestions as to what subject could be explained better would be good.

    And you probably have a keyword or subject you’d like explained or elaborated on? Please feel free to add it here.

    Not understanding something is not bad – I do it every day, and are happy that I never stop learning.

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