Failure to access my wordpress sites as an administrator

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    Why am I not getting in to my sites as an administrator? I’m being told I have no wordpress sites!



    Hi there,

    What is the URL of the site you’re trying to access?

    The mhfreeman account you’re using to post here doesn’t own any sites hosted on, nor does it have any sites hosted elsewhere connected to this account via the Jetpack plugin.



    I have three frequently used sites: and I also have I can’t get administrative access to any of them.

    I was able to get on all oft hem when I opened one. Now I’m still getting the message that I don’t have any wordpress sites yet, even though I tried several user names and passwords.


    This account you’re using now was only created 7 months ago. Log out here and log back in with your other username and correct password:


    Thank you themagicrobot.

    Let me know if you need more help with this, mhfreeman.



    When I tried account recovery, I still get the message I have no wordpress sites when I tried to access my transaction ID in my account profile.


    The transaction details can be recovered from the bank or card that’s tied to the account. You may need to contact them to get that information and then provide it through the account recovery form.



    Because we are a nonprofit, there was no charge.


    Hmm. I think we’ve exhausted the help that we can provide through this public forum on the issue. Please send a note directly to and include the proof of ownership items that you have.

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