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    I always had a Facebook button at the end of my articles. But I discover today, that my articles published before the 8th of March don’t have anymore this button.

    And I’m sure that it was included before. All the more, all my articles published after this date have this button.

    Could you please tell me what is the problem ? Thank you for your help !

    Best regards. Catherine

    The blog I need help with is carnetdedamecatherine.com.



    Hi Catherine,

    I checked your posts from before the 8th of March, and I see the Facebook button when I visit the post directly. For example, I see the Facebook button on your post here:


    However, when I look at the home page at http://carnetdedamecatherine.wordpress.com/ I don’t see the Facebook button on your post. I am checking with our developers to find out why that’s happening and will let you know when I find out more about that!



    Hi Catherine,

    Our team was able to find the problem with your site’s Facebook button and fix it, so that button is appearing on all of your posts again. If you have any more trouble with it, please let me know. :)

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