Extra white space once more (sigh)

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    To obtain extra space after a textline, this tag works
    < p align= “left”>& nbsp > (minus the extra spaces of course)
    and sometimes it doesn’t. Like in this poem I just blogged:
    The last line is (was) too close to the photograph to my taste, the image ‘overpowers’ the text but I don’t want a thumb here.
    I’ve tried all kinds of tag variations, like
    < p style= “text-align:center;” > and
    adding < / p > and < / br >, to no avail. I ‘solved’ the problem by adding minimal text in the spaces I want, a hyphen (dot), but this is not how it should be.
    If there’s a magic trick, it escapes me…


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    These codes work without getting stripped:
    <div style="visibility: hidden; height: 1.4em;">INVISIBLE_TEXT</div>
    change the 1.4 to whatever size space suits.
    <div style="padding-bottom:1.4em;">TEXT_HERE</div>
    or padding-bottom can be padding-top



    Ah, forgot < div >
    I’ll check it out tonight, thanx



    Yep, the upper tag offers exactly what I want, neat!

    For the other one with the height factor I use an alternative: I incorporate ‘line-height:130%’ in the Font tag, which makes your paragraph blocks less condensed, and thus easier to read.
    Thanks again, 1tess

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