Export a website from wordpress.com to new hosting + Redirect

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    Hi, I will buy a large website (lots of articles and media) that now is inside wordpress.com (<domain>.wordpress.com).

    I want to export all the data (files/db) into my hosting with my own domain (<domain>.com).

    > how can I export all of the media, articles, tag, categories, …?
    > how can I set redirects in order to not lose all the rankings?

    Thank you for every suggestion,



    Hi Marco,

    What is the address of the site you are exporting from? Once I know for sure, I’ll be able to send more information about the process.

    In case it’s useful in the meantime, we have some documentation explaining how to move to WordPress.com from a number of other platforms:



    Hi Gemma,

    because of company policies, I can’t make the address public.

    I can say that it is the common editorial project with a simple data structure (lots of posts and tags, some categories, very few pages). Something like this one: https://www.bravibimbi.it/

    Moreover, I DON’T want to move TO wordpress.com but instead, I need the opposite: I have a website INSIDE wordpress.com and I want to move it TO my personal hosting.

    Thank you,



    Thanks Marco. It sounds like you just need to export all the content. Here’s how you do that: https://en.support.wordpress.com/export/

    Does that help?


    Hi lizkarkoski,

    yes, thank you.




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