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    Here is the link to my original complaint. gemmacevans (staff) replied to me there. I sent her the screenshots:


    She told me to repost in another place in the forums and tag Modlook, so I did that.




    Top of page adds are pushing down my header, putting my top-of-post images below the fold.

    Ad at top of right column (BIG ISSUE!)

    2 identical ads at the bottom of each post, which looks very unprofessional.


    ~Chef Perry


    FYI…going to give adwords a try, and see how it compares with adsense.

    Still like to get ride of the double ads at the bottom, tho’ ;)




    Sidebar ads

    I understand some advertising on the blog, but this is very intrusive.

    Thank you so much.



    https://masonicheathens.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/added-ads/ (huge ad on top of sidebar)
    https://comasonry.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/added-ads/ (dito)
    https://vrijmetselarijvoormannenenvrouwen.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/meer-advertenties/ (dito)

    Like most of the above, I don’t mind ads, but that thing on top of the sidebar….
    Oh, and besides two small blocks on the bottom of each post there is now another four times the size ad on top of these two.

    I actually consider buying some cheap hosting and just install a multisite. Way cheaper than the WP.com plan and ad free.



    -waves to ricjcs and roygangleri-

    Welcome. I’m so glad to see more and more bloggers speaking up about this situation.

    I think we’re all in agreement that ‘some ads from time to time’ is just and fair, but as we provide the free content that brings others to WordPress, damaging our blogs with intrusive ads is /not/ fair, or just.


    That is correct, nikkojii. For example, the text ad to WordPress .com at the footers of all free blogs, is OK. Not intrusive, large, animated, nor in the middle of a post or page. I have no problem with my “Powered by WordPress” footer text link. OK, that is one ad. It counts, right? We just want ads to be non-intrusive and well placed, and the quantity not excessive.

    I still say, what about text ads as opposed to image and/or animated ads? Image ads do tend to get more attention. Case in point: we blog authors want people to notice our content first, not ads. We don’t want our blogs looking like free-for-all bulletin boards down by some abandoned river.



    I hope Liz returns with an update soon, otherwise I’m going ahead and move the three ‘blogs’ to a self-hosted environment.



    @ roygangleri – I’m not holding my breath. :(

    I signed up for Medium today and wrote my first article for them. They have a Partner Program which is tied in with authors getting paid for their content.

    It’s rather complicated and I can’t benefit from it as I’m Australian and I would need a US bank account to actually get paid, but I like that they recognize content creators. And I like that there’s a half way decent alternative if the situation here doesn’t improve.




    I see that you have them scattered all over the place! What is WordPress up to?

    Yet on other site listed here I didn’t see any ads at all.

    Perhaps the ‘happiness engineer’ needs to be called the unhappiness engineer?

    What is a happiness engineer anyway?



    @ daniceseclectic – ‘We don’t want our blogs looking like free-for-all bulletin boards down by some abandoned river. ‘
    Couldn’t agree more. Some people may not notice ads and some may have adblockers that stop them from seeing ads at all, but just as many people are put off by them. They simply do not work. All they achieve is to put people off our writing as well. :(


    Could everyone add screen shots to their media libraries of the affected sites? Then I can compare what I am seeing to what you’re seeing. Thanks!


    First screenshot shows the very large sidebar ad:


    Second screenshot shows two ads below the blog post:


    My main objection is the very large sidebar ad pushing down important info on the blog further down the screen. And having multiple ads instead of a single ad at the end of our posts.

    Another objection is that the sidebar ad never goes away, even for frequent readers. Generally (it may have changed) the ad(s) below our posts go away upon refreshing the screen or going to another blog post.

    I only by chance even found this out by going to my blog on another browser that I wasn’t logged into at the time. Many (most) bloggers have no idea that these new and multiple ads are on their blogs. If they were aware, there would be far more outrage on the Forums.



    It’s devious at the very least! I rarely access my wordpress.com-hosted sites whilst not being logged in, hence I never see the damn things! Whta is wordpress up to?

    Happiness engineers? Puleeeze!

    Thank goodness I have my own, self-hosted site.



    Could everyone add screen shots to their media libraries of the affected sites? Then I can compare what I am seeing to what you’re seeing. Thanks!
    From https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/expoitative-advertising/page/2?replies=34#post-3073665

    Screenshots can be very helpful. You can use http://snag.gy/ or http://cloudup.com to share screenshots and link to them here. If you use the WordPress.com guide for screenshots http://en.support.wordpress.com/make-a-screenshot/ you can and upload it to your Media Library, and return to this thread to provide the file name so Staff can examine it.



    At Liz and Timethief – in the beginning the sidebar ad would disappear, only to return hours or minutes later. Now it seems to be in my sidebar no matter when I check my blog.

    [Note: my blog is the home page of my Firefox browser so I see it as outsiders see it whenever I open the browser].

    Since becoming aware of the problem I have taken the following screenshots on the Firefox browser:




    The next two were taken [within minutes of each other] using the IE and Chrome browsers respectively:



    Clearly, different browsers have the option of displaying whatever ads they like. In the case of the Chrome ad. it displays a voluptuous young Asian woman suggesting that the viewer ‘chat’ with her.

    I’m no prude, but I really, seriously object to having soft porn and/or dating sites displayed in such a prominent position on my blog.

    What’s next? Full frontal nudes?

    And I’d like to add one more thing, I believe WordPress has engaged in active deception regarding these ads because when I ‘view’ my site from within my blog, all I ever see is what is meant to be there.

    Not once have I seen even a hint of an advertisement in the sidebar. All I ever see is the widgets I myself setup.

    The first time it happened, I quickly opened another tab and typed in the URL of my blog. Sure enough, the ad /was/ there. Then I tried with my other two browsers and again, the ads were there, but they were different for each browser.

    As one of the other commenters on this thread has pointed out, if the average WordPress user could see their own blog from the ‘outside’, they’d be as shocked as we are. And they’d either be screaming blue murder or they’d be leaving WordPress in droves.

    Please do not drag your heels on this issue because it will not go away, even if we do.



    @ Dandelionsalad and Barovsky

    I feel kind of stupid for not seeing it before but…of course more bloggers aren’t outraged – neither the ‘view my site’ nor the ‘Preview’ functions show the blog in real time. They only show the blog as it’s meant to be.
    This does not look good. Even if it’s just an unintentional thing it doesn’t look good.

    I just wrote a post asking bloggers to check their blogs from the outside:


    I also backed my posts up to my harddrive. :(


    C’mon WordPress … do the right thing. We all agree that we accept advertising on our blogs as a fact of life, but this is greed, based on short-term thinking, which is dangerous behavior for a company in its ‘mature’ stage to engage in. Corporate culture is littered with examples of companies who floundered after making exactly this type of decision.


    @nikkojii, I also wrote a blog post about this today. I put a link to your post, too. https://wp.me/p5qmX-NWG

    I find the ads used are so inappropriate! Thanks for showing us what the ads look like.



    @ widdershinsfirst

    ‘Corporate culture is littered with examples of companies who floundered after making exactly this type of decision. ‘

    Oh very well said! I guess we’re both old enough to remember those other ‘mature stage’ companies called Geo Cities and My Space.

    Very short-sighted policy indeed.

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